Saturday, June 28, 2008


才六个月,我的小牛竟然会爬了,感觉好像满块似的。真的不可思议现在的小孩子,通常因该是八个月才会爬的。会爬了, 我们就麻烦了,真的是好像放牛似的。


Vinnie said...

小牛很像大牛呢 !!!!
集合了牛爸爸和牛妈妈的特徵 !!!

Gary Liew said...

where got... dad and mom look so much better than them.. hee hee

bantwan said...

So keng, sound like I long time didn't see small cow liao... must go see see how active is it.. :P

爱永恺贝 said...

wah! yours one really fast, my son until now (9 months) also dunno crawl, just sitting and use walker, like to stand but unstable hehe

from, gabie.